Monday, February 28, 2011

Ok people I have been debating this for some time to buy Black Ops or not(for PC). I enjoyed Modern Warfare 2 and I have Bad Company 2 and enjoy it too but get tired of some noob in a tank. So I am looking to buy a new Shooter and am wondering what your thoughts are on getting Black Ops. I just can not justify paying the 60 bucks when it first came out but now I'm sure you could find it for around 40 online and this makes it almost worth it to me. But with Shogun 2 coming out  soon at 50 i'm just thinking that would be a better game for the money. Maybe I should just break down and get it and then get over the suckiness of it but for some reason I think the masses can't be that wrong about the game. Well my rant is over for now. Till next time.

Friday, February 25, 2011

So I don't know if anybody else watches Top Shot on the history channel But I just got around to watching the third episode today. WTF really a golf instructor beats a homeland security guy with a G17? Great I mean really it was a tie but the bogus rules let Jay win. Well ok now that I got that out of the way, seriously does anyone watch this I mean its ok for the history channel. Honestly I like it better than any type of reality/competition shows that are on the networks ala big brother/ survivor. But I did watch season one and it was pretty cool got me to go outside and shoot again at least. I guess the other thing to say is that this shows how easy the G17 must be to shoot. I haven't fired one myself but if a golf instructor with 1 year of experience with guns can beat a 20 year record ( or at least tie) that is somewhat impressive. However I don't have too much experience anyway so maybe i'm just firing duds here( pun intended).
Well anyway if you haven't heard about it Top Shot is at least worth a view its on So check it out. And give me your feed back on the G17 or whatever you favorite personal gun is, whatever. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Also I am an avid swing dancer. And NO that doesn't mean that I Swing like sexually get all the laughs out... Done? good. Moving on anyway this is what i'm talking about in the video above these are some of the best swing dancers around and even if you have never danced before I think you can appreciate the quality and pure awesomeness of what you just saw. If not well watch again. But for those of you who say "hey I have two left feet" guess what so did I when I first started. But really you have got to try this I know you may not be this good at first but I promise its worth a try. And the best part pretty much every major city has some kind of swing dance scene. Especially college towns. So if you have ever wanted to try dancing this is the type to do(one word girls!). And like most things it does take a little practice but I promise it is worth it look it up in you neck of the woods.

 Thanks for the read and comment on and luck finding stuff around you!

Frist in

So this is my first post in the big world of Bloggin! So I guess I will just describe my life a little right now. So I am currently looking for a job but aren't we all. So feel free to post job offering lol. But until then I am enjoying my time not working by catching up with TV and movies I missed while I was neck deep in that one year of Grad school Ugh. So that stated with watching the last season of Lost. WOW i'm pretty sure i'm like every one else and  have more questions  then answers.
(SPOILER alert)
So i'm confused did every one die but the three left on the "island"? I mean I guess they did eventually but, I did always like the double story line that they had the "flash-sideways" pretty cool. And If you haven't heard of it yet you should definatly look into the epilogue it does help a little bit on what happens. Its called "The New Man in Charge?" Look it up!
Working on White Collar and the tutors now! more later.
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